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"As a young dancer, I was part of an amazing experience dancing for the national tour of the Broadway musical SWING! I was fortunate to dance as a lead in the show. However, my body was not to fortunate to take on the extreme partnering the show demanded me to perform seven times a week! If it wasn't for Bob Holzman, I probably would have had some severe injuries that would have shortened my dance career. I'm very grateful that Bob was with me on that incredible journey. Thank you Bob!" 

 -Robbie Bottoms SWING 2002!              

“Bob Holzman was a gift to me and many others on tour. His approach to injury was amazing. Even though you never felt like anything was going on as he massaged you and worked on your injuries you always managed to get up feeling incredibly better. He never created pain or was rough. One might think that it has to hurt in order for it to be working properly right? But Bob is a true testament to gentle and consistent therapy and healing. It almost seemed like a miracle sometimes. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Bob on that tour. He healed me countless times and was a true blessing, an angel. Anyone to get the chance to work with him would be lucky. I know I was, and will be forever thankful”.                                                                                   -Michelle Marmolejo, Dancer on the SWING! National and Japan tours, 2001-2002               

Bob Holzman LMT, massage therapy in new paltz

2001 with SWING!

Bob Holzman LMT, massage therapy in new paltz

2015 with Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS

"Bob is amazing! He is very kind, knowledgeable, and professional. He worked with our whole cast at KURIOS Cirque Du Soleil for two months when we were in town. I felt very fortunate to have regular treatments with him. He not only worked on relieving pain but also gave me stretches and exercises to help avoid further problems. I highly recommend him!" 

 -Christa M., Musician for KURIOS Cirque Du Soleil, 2015        

"Bob Holzman is hands down one of the best massage therapists in the Hudson Valley. Not only does he have excellent skills, but he is a man that makes you feel safe and comfortable in his care. His years of experience working with athletes, dancers and musicians has given him a unique sensitivity to work with and help clients heal from injuries effectively and efficiently. He has been my go to massage therapist for close to 10 years. Being a massage therapist myself & having complicated health issues, I am picky about who I allow to work with my sensitive conditions. Bob is one of the few who have never hurt, and always helped me recover and heal. I will always be grateful for Bob's skilled hands and gentle soul." 

 -Kathryn C,  Summertown,TN                             

"Bob is pure magic. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. He’s very knowledgeable and a true professional. This guy is worth every penny."

 - April, Highland, NY 

“I have had massages by other massage therapists, but just like having a hair stylist that cuts your hair the way you like it, it is important to have a massage therapist that is respectful to you and your needs. This is Bob Holzman. For well over a year now, I travel an hour and a half just to see Bob for a therapeutic massage. He has and continues to help me significantly manage my chronic pain Bob is friendly, respectful of my needs, knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and devoted to helping me. Given the qualities he possesses, I continue to be a client of Bob Holzman.” 

 -Christina, Schenectady, NY                

"After years of lifting weights and some injuries, I've discovered, after a period of inactivity, that I've developed some very real issues with regard to posture. I was referred to Bob from a local professional, and I couldn't be more happy. Bob is competent, knowledgeable, and very kind. He is professional, courteous, and (this is super important because I'm totally a difficult case) strong. The work we are continuing to do together is allowing me greater freedom of movement and a return to an active lifestyle. I'm so grateful. Worth.Every.Penny." 

 -Kurt T.,  Poughkeepsie, NY           

"I have been receiving massage from Bob Holzman intermittently for the past 15 years. He has worked on numerous rock climbing and running injuries and always with great outcomes! Bob is not only talented with soft tissue injuries, he also TEACHES during or after the session, so that I am able to continue and do the healing work on my own at home in between sessions. Bob is kind, warm, and genuine.  He makes clients feel comfortable and always is really concerned about injuries. I have also had Bob work on lower back issues, and even had several sessions of prenatal massage with him! Whether it's tendonitis or growing baby, Bob has always been completely present and engaged with whatever issues are going on with my body. He is intuitive, insightful, funny and thoroughly talented in his profession. Thank-you BOB! I highly recommend this massage therapist! He is amazing and you won't regret it." -LizaBeth U., Gardiner, NY             

"I have had issues with my back for most of my life and have been to a variety of chiropractors and massage therapists but the relief rarely lasted for long. I went to Bob on a recommendation from a friend and he was able to identify the main issues as well as provide long term relief after multiple sessions. I have recommended him to friends and I will certainly return if future issues arise. I recommend him highly!" 

 -Court C., New Paltz, NY  

"Bob Holzman is an excellent therapist because he spent time assessing me and listening to the issue I was having. His responses to my questions were incredibly knowledgeable from all of his experience, and education in movement therapy  for athletic injuries as well as non athletic related issues. And he gave suggestions for ways to work on my injuries to help strengthen and heal. Great medical LMT!!"

 - Lisa S., New Paltz, NY

"After a year of healing from a compound tib/fib fracture that left me with a fair amount of hardware and scarring, I was suffering from muscular imbalances in my leg, hip, and back. My mobility was impaired and the pain was often crippling. Bob was instrumental in correcting these imbalances. As a former massage therapist and an athlete, I'm quite picky about who I allow to work on my body. His knowledge, demeanor, and abilities far exceeded my expectations. Bob greatly assisted me in getting back to my life of working, climbing, hiking, etc... If you're considering massage therapy, look no further! "-   -Jason H.

"I have worked with Bob twice a month for about a year. He is ALWAYS on time and ready to begin. His demeanor is ultra-considerate, supportive and CALM. No dramatics! I require deep-tissue work and medical depth from years of repetitive movements.......a tough old bird. I highly recommend Bob and his massage technique. It has helped me with several "injuries" over the time-frame I have worked with him. He is a very positive energy."

 -Gregory N.

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