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Sports massage dates back as far as the Roman gladiators. Claudius Galenus, who was acknowledged as the greatest physician of ancient Rome, prescribed massage for the gladiators before and after exercising. The benefits of sports massage have since withstood the test of time. Throughout the world, recreational, professional and elite athletes utilize sports massage for the following benefits.

  • Increased recovery time

  • Decreased muscle fatigue

  • Improved performance level

  • Decreased muscle soreness

  • Decrease frequency and level of injury

  • Increased circulation

  • Decreased muscle tone (tight muscles)

  • Releases muscle spasms

  • Decreased swelling and inflammation

  • Decreased scar tissue and adhesions

  • Increased range of motion

  • Improved soft tissue function

  • Relaxation & decrease performance anxiety

"Bob does amazing work. I have been a lifelong athlete. First I was a gymnast and then a rock climber. Now 17 years into the sport, I am finding all those aches, pains and imbalances need to be addressed in a real way. Bob was a great find for treating imbalance and the chronic pain I had from hammering on my body day in and day out. As an outdoor athlete himself, he can relate to the type of abuse I put my body though. He is incredibly skilled and was able to address all the issues I had. Not to mention he's very kind and funny! I look forward to sessions with Bob!"

     - Whitney Boland

As with orthopedic massage, a sports massage therapist does not utilize one specific technique but rather a variety of techniques and protocols. There are four categories of treatment within sports massage.


Pre-event: Focuses on decreasing performance anxiety, preparing your muscles, tendons, and joints for the race, game, performance, etc..


Post-event: Focuses on helping your muscles cool down, stop muscle spasms/cramps, and decrease any swelling. 


Injury Treatment: This can be done at any time; pre-event, during the event to get you back in the game or after the event to increase recovery time and improve the quality of how your soft tissue heals.


Maintenance: This can be anywhere from weekly or monthly massage, it is focused on keeping your soft tissue and joints healthy so as to prevent injury and optimize your training and competitive performance.

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