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Orthopedic Assessment
Rotator cuff
PNF stretch for QL
MFR, deep anterior cervical muscles
Anterior cervical work
Side lying

Free evaluations for October and November



Traditionally, I do evaluations as part of your first hour-long session with me. This free evaluation will last 20 minutes. The purpose is to give you some insight into what is causing your pain/discomfort. Keep in mind, this is only an evaluation, massage therapists are not legally permitted to provide an official diagnosis


What happens during an evaluation?


I will first review the health intake form you fill out prior to coming in. After briefly discussing your signs and symptoms, and how it impacts your life, we will move into the more active part of the evaluation. I will then discuss some simple self-care options that can help alleviate your symptoms, and provide guidance on how to move forward, towards freedom from pain. 


Specific evaluation techniques utilized:

  • Postural assessment

  • Testing active, active resisted and passive range of motion

  • Muscle testing as used in NMR


To schedule your free 20-minute evaluation, please call or text me at 845-797-2176, or email me at 

Please, do not use my self-booking (BOOK NOW) service to schedule your free evaluation.


Please note: There will be no sales pitch or pressure to schedule a massage with me for further treatment.

This free offer is not for existing patients. 



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